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                                Basque cheesecake has slipped into more mainstream food culture.
Predictions to chew on for 2021

Predicting food trends is a dubious exercise in any year, but those who dabble in the dark art of culinary prognostication have never faced a landscape harder to read than 2021. Read more

                                Grilled lamb chops with lettuce and ranch dressing.
Recipe: Lamb chops, romaine make a sort-of salad

Adding just a few dainty lamb chops to a whole lot of romaine won’t disqualify a meal from being considered a salad — just as long as I keep the balance of charred meat to lettuce decidedly in the romaine’s favor. Read more

                                Jonathan Kim, left, Alexandra Jones and Melissa Schwimmer compete in Netflix’s new game show “Best Leftovers Ever!”
Netflix turns leftovers into game

Just in time for anyone facing a heaving, post-holiday refrigerator comes a TV show about what to do with all those dubious leftovers. Read more

                                Donna Wasilewski pours gravy onto a plate of hamburger steak at Wally Ho’s Garage & Grill in Aiea. Wasilewski is the granddaughter of Wally Ho, who opened Wally’s with his wife, Louise, in 1956. The restaurant side of the business is closing today, the garage in June.
Wally’s grill in Aiea goes out with old year

They may have come in for an oil or tire change, but few customers could resist following their noses to the restaurant side of Wally Ho’s Garage & Grill in Aiea to address a sudden urge for sizzling burgers or banana bread just out of the oven. Read more

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