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9 ways the pandemic will change travel in 2021

The travel world has been on a roller coaster in 2020. Even as vaccination campaigns started in the United States and Europe, countries slammed shut their borders to visitors from the United Kingdom, because of a new strain of the coronavirus. Read more

                                Due to coronavirus risks, Auria Abraham canceled her plans to spend Thanksgiving in Massachusetts with relatives, staying USDT以太坊价格今日行情home in Brooklyn, N.Y.
The sadness of the trips not taken

Auria Abraham is usually a Thanksgiving “nomad,” sometimes hosting friends at the USDT以太坊价格今日行情home she shares with her husband and 12-year-old daughter in Brooklyn, N.Y., other times visiting family. Read more

                                A trip to Tokyo will have to wait for the millions of people who canceled flights and hotel bookings due to the pandemic — but there are ways to bring you closer to the fascinating city. Pedestrians walk through the Kabukicho district of Tokyo.
How to pretend you are in Tokyo

A few years ago, I walked through Tokyo’s neon-lit streets for the first time, wide-eyed and jet-lagged. It only took three days to learn some of the city’s secrets. Read more

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